OP théatre (aka Moulin aux chimères) is devoted to bringing audiences innovative and unique experiences by interweaving optical illusion, performance, design, craft and sound – accessible to all.

Inspired by Science-Fiction, cymatics and parallel realities, KaleidoAct is an optical theatre show that plays with the spectators’ perception of space, sense of illusion & reality. Fascinated by geometry, perspective and reflection, Manu Kaleido designed his first giant (4.5 m long) kaleidoscope while studying architecture in 2001. Since its creation, this ever-growing trademark art installation has been providing a platform for open ended visual experiments. Today the kaleidoscope exists in size XL (6 m) and XXL ( 9 m). The show has been through years of transformation from the psychedelic Kaleidoscopik Creature through the deep sea inspired Underwater Mirage to the latest Sci-Fi Soundscapes with an additional, introductory OP dance piece. KaleidoAct has appeared at several art and music festivals around the globe, such as Burning Man (USA), Sziget Festival (H), Shambhala (CA), Glastonbury (UK), Fuji Rock (JP), Glade (UK), Boom Festival (P), At.tension (D) and many more.

Concept, design: Manu Kaleido

Scenography, performance, light:

Manu Kaleido & Éri Viràg

Music: Master Margherita

Age guide: 4 years +

Show length: 15 mins ( + 15 mins

additional OP dance piece)

performer enters the XXL kaleidoscope

Kaleido_Inter_Act is a guided visual experiment designed for children and playful adults.

It offers an interactive, small-scale version of KaleidoAct to share the fun and alchemy of illusion making.
After a brief introduction to a mesmerizing visual world created by the artists, participants are invited to play with props and lights to create their own immersive kaleidoscopic experience.

Concept, design: Manu Kaleido

Performance, workshop guidance:

Manu Kaleido & Éri Viràg

Music: Master Margherita & Zen Baboon

Show + workshop duration: 5 or 15 mins.

Age guide: 4 years +

KaleidoAct-Underwater Mirage was for sure one of our most colourful and exciting cultural highlights of the Sziget Festival in 2011. Besides all our huge open-air stages, it was just simply relaxing for my heart & soul to step into this magical world…

Fruzsina Szép – Cultural director of Sziget Festival (H)

KaleidoAct is one of the most beautifully cosmic and epically entertaining art installations ever.”

Carey Thompson  – Visionary Artist, Art Director (USA)   

Evolution had the vision to book this wonderful creation to their summer festival and their audience were completely mesmerized. Unique, Breathtaking, Beautiful.”

                                                                                                                       Claire O’Neill , AIF / Evolution Festival (UK)

an interdimensional rocket-ride produced by a ingenious and decidedly analog blend of mirrors and puppetry. Despite (or because of) the low tech, the Creature conjures up more cosmic awe, organic metamorphosis, and mythopoetic sentience than any festival art I have ever seen.

Erik Davis / Editor of techgnosis.com (USA)